The average Lithuanian, if asked about the national dishes, without blinking an eye would offer cepelinai (potato and meat dish), vėdarai (intestines stuffed with potatoes) or potato pancakes.
And even though the potato only reached Lithuania in the 17th century, from the 19th century on, potato dishes became the second daily bread. You can get potato dishes in almost every café. It’s a food that’s hard to digest, for traditionally it is garnished with sour cream and cracklings. Better not eat potato dishes before bedtime. One of the most popular dishes – cepelinai. This is an oval shaped grated potato dumpling filled with ground meat. It’s interesting that this dish got its name from the zeppelin or dirigible, which was manufactured by the German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. The aircraft was named after the inventor, while the form resembled Lithuanian cepelinai.
Also try the cold borscht. It’s a soup made from cold beets, cucumbers and greens, eaten with hot potatoes.
Don’t think that Lithuanians eat only potatoes. Any given café or restaurant will offer you an abundance of meat, fish or pancake dishes.
What other food can Lithuanians brag about? Why bread in all its glory. Almost every store will offer you not less than ten types of bread – with cumin, grain, nuts or even with fruit. You should also try natural yogurt and sweet cottage cheese.

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